Sesiones coaching & psicología


As your coach and psychologist, I offer you:

Unlimited support through any life transition. I help you release limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Create that space so you can discover your “best self” and live a full life, balanced with your passion and values.

I guide you so that you can safely express your whole being. Illuminate your blind spots.

I offer you endless tools and personalized exercises to boost your personal growth.

I take you further than you would go alone.

I work with individual sessions and couples therapy

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I have come to the firm conclusion that we can all create a life that inspires, balances and fulfills us fully. You are the owner of your life and you have the ability to redesign and change those aspects that you want. Life coaching helps us carry out this process.

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I walk with you

I am fully dedicated to helping people achieve self-care and harmony in their lives. Together we create an individualized approach, based on the principles of gestalt, psychosynthesis, mindfulness practices, neuroscience and bio-individuality. In this way, we integrate mind, body and experiences, and achieve optimal well-being according to each person.